We Have Chicken Coops + An Update!

4 March 2017


Today we rounded up a bunch of free things people had set aside for us including not one, but two chicken coops, some pallets, hay bales, and some chicken paraphernalia. This fall when we mentioned we wanted to raise a few chickens we had two families jump at the opportunity to pass off their used coops to us. (Should we have taken that as a warning sign? Hmmmm...) One of the families had had chickens for a few years but their kids lost interest in it, and the other family had a similar situation but with the added terror of having a rat problem with theirs (I know, signs! We choose to ignore these!).  Anyway, we traded coops for family photoshoots (I'm a photographer) just to say thanks and there you have it, practically free chicken coops! 

We plan on using the top pictured coop as of now. We have the roof off in the picture but you can probably get a general idea of how it works (I'll do a chicken coop tour post later once the ladies have moved in). The bottom photo coop is the one that had a rat problem with theirs (the mom added that her son would throw the chicken feed all over the backyard so we're thinking the problem stemmed from that, not from the actual chickens) but anyway it needs a bit more TLC than the other. We're going to see if we can repurpose it at all or pass it on to someone else. 

We also got a few hay bales (or is it straw? We're still figuring these kinds of things out) that we're likely to use as mulch between the garden beds and Dave plans on using the pallets for our composting system. 

 The current view of (part of) the backyard. Dave says it looks kinda junky, but I get butterflies seeing all this cool stuff coming together!

You know what this means?! We can have our hens move in soon! Like total dorks, we've already picked out their names and everything and they're currently living at Happy Hens Heritage Farm until we're ready to pick them up. And if the weather holds up this may be sooner than we expected, woot!


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