Hey there! We're Natalie and Dave, two aspiring, (very) amateur backyard homesteaders living on 1/8th of an acre in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. We started this blog as a way to document our dreams of urban homesteading from the very beginning!  Together with our two little kids (Iris and Harvey) we hope to make the switch to living a more sustainable and hands on life.

More about Natalie

Nat is a stay-at-home mama and photographer. She never thought of herself as a "crunchy" type person but has started to question that idea when she found herself getting excited about making her own deodorant and cloth diapering. She is currently really into quilting and escaping to the library for solo dates.

More about Dave

Dave is an elementary school music teacher. He loves having summers off to spend time at home working away on different projects. He is currently really into amateur bee-keeping and learning old school fiddle tunes on his guitar.

Wanna chat? You can email us at theyoungnunn AT gmail.com
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