The Master Plan

21 December 2016

Well here it is! The MASTER PLAN if you will. Totally not to scale but it's pretty close. Last week we went out to Taco Farm with our big homestead binder, ordered some food and planned planned planned this whole big idea of ours out. We talked about what our dream backyard would look like in the next few years and this is the plan we came up with. We definitely don't plan on doing all of this this year. This is more of a visual to-do list so to speak.

I guess I should preface this by pointing out that Dave has summers off and I will be ending home daycare in June so we'll both be home to work away on this ;) 

Things we already did last year

  1. The Compost- we just have a simple homemade one right now but hope to expand it eventually
  2. The Sandbox and Swing Set- we still want the backyard to have some kid things in it too so Dave built a sandbox and my parents scored a free wooden swing set for us 
  3. Laundry Tree- definitely did not use this as much as I would have liked last summer but hey, I was super pregnant and doing daycare still! So we ended up using the dryer most of the time.  
  4. Fruit Trees- we planted an apple, plum and peach tree and they've been doing really well so far
  5. Cloth Gazebo (with string lights) over the entire patio- my parents got a new gazebo so, SCORE, we got their old one. I got the string lights a few years ago at Target for super cheap. We get a lot of sun in our backyard so it's great to have a large shaded area now, especially with the kids

Things We're Doing This Year
  1. Chickens!- I'll talk more about this later but we currently have chickens, a coop, and supplies ready to go for the spring. And it's not illegal anymore, yay! 
  2. Build a larger outdoor table- my neighbour Cynthia (who builds things all the time and is generally amazing) has offered to help me build something like THIS with benches. I have a very small family but Dave's family is rather large so we really want a table that can seat at least 10 people. Plus it'll make eating outside and having people over a lot easier if we have more space to sit/eat/play games
  3. Expand the garden beds- last year we had just one dug in garden bed. We didn't want to do more than that what with me being pregnant and then a new baby.
  4. Build a Top Bar Hive- this is Dave's domain and he just wants to build the hive this year and not get any bees quite yet (we wanted to start with chickens first)

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