Seeds Have Arrived!

3 February 2017

We have seeds! Woot!

We spent quite some time trying to figure out where to get our seeds from this year. Not gonna lie, prior to this I would just grab them at Home Depot (obviously... being picky about where you buy seeds is, perhaps, strange). This year, after some research, we knew we wanted organic, non-genetically modified seeds, and varieties that are somewhat native to our area. Supporting a family-owned, organic, seed-saving farm sounded like the most hippy-dippy and Portlandia-like move (the only step we omitted here was also visiting the farm to ensure our seeds were treated humanely).  Long story short, we ended up going with Hawthorn Farms which is about an hour from us and hits all of our requirements.  Score! I had requested a hardcopy catalogue, and last weekend when we had a date night we brought it along, got some food and hot chocolate and then ordered all of our seeds. The future bounty of the garden!

The plan is to re-plant our front garden with all pollinators/bee friendly plants.  This will attract more bees which in turn will help out our garden and keep our local bees happy, well-fed, and healthy. Bees are having a hard go of it right now so this is an easy way to help. So, we ordered a bunch of native pollinator plants as well as vegetable seeds too.

We may have gone a little seed crazy and ordered A TON OF SEEDS. But if we store them properly we can keep them for a few years.

The next step seed-wise is to wait until, you know, winter is done. Ha! There are a few varieties that need a "cold moist stratification" (I'm just trying to impress you now), so we can start those ones soon in the fridge since we missed out on planting them in the ground at the end of fall.

Progress guys.  Progress.

- Nat

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