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17 January 2018

Oh hello! Long time no see! Just thought I'd check in and share a little about what's going on around here.

...That makes it seem like I have big news or something. A new baby?! We bought miniature goats?! Nope nope nope nothing like that.

At the end of the fall Dave and I pulled the trigger and bought a wood burning stove! We had a bit of money saved up and decided we could afford a small renovation. Our top choices were either a dishwasher or a wood burning stove. Although a dishwasher would have probably been the more practical choice there's something about a wood burning stove that just screams COZY and HYGGE that a dishwasher simply can't compare with. We have to wait till the spring to get it installed in the living room so we aren't enjoying it this winter but we're stoked to have it for next winter! We live in a small bungalow so we do all of our living on one floor of the house so we'll be able to use the stove to (most of the time) heat the house in the winter which, come on! Doesn't that sound amazing?! The house will always smell like woodsmoke and chopped wood *swoon*. Our modern Little House on the Prairie dreams are pretty much all coming true.

Now that winter has definitely settled in I'm starting to feel the dreaded cabin fever. Over the holiday break we didn't play outside once because there were extreme cold warnings every day and now it seems like we're stuck in the rut of playing indoors most days now. Ugh! Must get outside every day!

The chickens live on! Near the end of the summer Dave shingled the coop roof and added a small extension to the back to give the hens a bit more room. We were wondering how they would do in the winter but they've been really great so far! Surprisingly they come outside and walk around in the snow every day and Rosa is still laying an egg every other day or so. We haven't had to add a heat lamp or anything, but we do have to bring the water in every night and fill it with boiling water in the morning so it doesn't freeze as fast. 

Trying very hard to fully enjoy and appreciate the winter and not wish it away for spring but man, it can be hard! In the meantime we've been drinking lots of tea, reading so many books (I recently took up reading Anna Karenina and there is nothing like Russian literature for the wintertime!), and Iris just started Forest School for the winter semester so there's that! 

Hope you're all enjoying your winter :) 


  1. Welcome back to the blogging-sphere! Your pictures really make your posts stand out.

    I had no idea that you guys were homesteaders! I collected a great many seeds this past fall and would be happy to share when the time comes to start planting.

    Thanks for writing your blog and looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks Sam! We have a few people who have suggested trading seeds so we were thinking about hosting a seed swap gathering. I'll let you now if we end up doing one! We too have SO MANY SEEDS!


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